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Materials & Care

Taking care of your silver jewelry

Silver is a natural material that has a soft, living finish. Its appearance will slowly change over the years. Your jewelry will be receiving tiny scratches and dents while wearing, and tarnish when it comes into contact with oxygen or sulfur. Jewelry that's originally patinated black will slowly lose their color in the parts that get in contact with skin or clothes. While it's  possible to restore a silver piece to its original shine at a professional goldsmith's, beauty can also be found in appreciating the natural aging of silver jewelry.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry shining:

The easiest way to avoid tarnishing is by wearing your jewelry as often as possible!

Try to avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, lotion and hair products (or any other chemicals), as those will accelerate tarnishing. Also, remove silver jewelry when doing household chores, swimming or sunbathing.

Store your silver jewelry in an airtight plastic bag when it's not in use or being displayed. When traveling with your jewelry, carry each piece individually packed in its own box or pouch to avoid scratching.

Clean the jewelry by washing it gently with warm soapy water or mild dishwashing liquid. Dry with a soft cloth.

Clean your black patinated silver jewelry gently with soap water only if needed. Avoid silver polish or dip style cleaning products which will remove the patina.